How to Make Rainbow Style Chess

Chess is always a popular board game between friends or family. Chess cannot always be black and white. It also can be as multi - colored as a rainbow. Today, we combine chess mold with alcohol inks to create a rainbow style chess. Let’s get started now!!

  ⭐ Intermediate

  ⏳ About 3 days

Additional materials:

    • Soapy water
    • Sandpaper

How to make

Step 1

Prepare the well mixed resin with white mica, pour the first layer of the base color of chess board. *Please note that pour in the right place on the board. Every time you pour a grid, you need to leave a blank grid before pour the next one.

Step 2

Use Stirring stick to make the white resin surface more evenly and spread over the entire square grids. Then wait for 6-8 hours to let them all set.

Step 3

Prepare well mixed resin in 1:1 by volume, this time no need for any colorants. Pour the second layer of transparent resin into the chess board mold. Please make sure not to pour too much resin in it, just cover the first layer or white resin evenly is okay!

Step 4

It’s time for alcohol inks to give a good account of themselves in this project. Choose some color of the inks you like, we choose the rainbow color. Drop a row of the same color vertically one by one, about 5-6 drops per row. Then, same way to drop the white sinker.

Step 5

Repeat the previous step to deepen the blooming effect of the color.

Step 6

Use Stirring stick to outline the pattern you want. And then let it sit for at least 24 hours to demold.

Step 7

Choose the colorant that matches the color of chess board, well mixed the colorant with resin and then pour into the chess pieces. We choose the deep purple and blue. You could also add some foil flakes at the top of the pieces mold to decorate them. Also wait for at least 24 hours to demold.

Step 8

Demold the chess board and pieces. Peel the silicone away from your cured resin chess piece. The king and queen can be difficult to demold. You can add soapy water to the mold to make it peel off easier. Sand any sharp edges with sandpaper if necessary. Finished! Let’s play chess together!!

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