How to Make A Rose Pleated Coaster

This rose pleated coaster is inspired by the origami. You can create this magical effect as long as you have plastic paper. Let's give it a try!

  ⭐ Intermediate

  ⏳ About 2 days

Additional materials:

    • Clear cellpophane wrap roll
    • A wooden stick

How to make

Step 1

Fold the 6-7cm wide clear cellpophane in half. Roll it up, and the more it rolls around, the looser the clear cellpophane will be rolled. Remember to fix the clear cellpophane with double-sided tape after rolling a few times. Roll it up to the size you want.

Step 2

Use silicone putty to pinch out the desired size of the coasters, which are 1.5~2cm thick, and then press out the grain with a wooden stick. If you are worried about the resin leaking, please use a hot glue to seal the edge of the coaster.

Step 3

Mix the resin with the red dye and pour it into the mold. Use a heat gun to blow away the edges of the red resin.

Then add the glitter or mylar flakes in the middle of the mold to create the effect of stamens.

Step 4

Place the clear cellpophane on the surface of the resin and press it gently to release the bubbles from the bottom. Wait for 24 hours to allow the rose pattern on the coaster to set and then peel off the clear cellpophane.

Step 5

Mix the resin with white mica powder and pigment paste and then pour it over the rose pattern. Wait for it to fully cure.

Step 6

Color the edge of the coaster with a chrome metallic marker.

Finally, demold it and color the edge of the coaster with a chrome metallic marker. A beautiful coaster is finished!

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