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 90 HV+, low viscosity, bubble free, no yellowing, low odor, crystal clear.

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Our Happy Customers

Beth D.

I have worked with many resins. Let's Resin is one of the best I have worked with. It has a thinner viscosity, no bubbles and dries hard. A great dependable resin with plenty of working time.

Stacy V.

I've been completely happy with let's resin epoxy. I use it for all my orders and I can always count on it to look good. I've bought so many different types of resin and this has been the best of them all. I highly recommend!

Nicole P.

I love working with your resin, it's easy to measure and blend together. The final outcome is always beyond amazing. I recommend this to everyone.

Cheryl N.

I started using Let’s Resin on the recommendation of another artist. I have switched over from other resins to Let’s Resin!!! Totally easy to work with, love the high shine!!! No odor either!!

Diane R.

Best resin I have found and I have tried most of them. Dries quick, dries clear, no odor, and so easy to work with! Love it!

Cathy F.

Mixes with no problems, dried hard in 12 hours! I really like this resin. I have used several different brands of resin and I have had trouble with some of them not mixing easily, and several have even yellowed!

Alan C.

I casted the very first successful Resin casting of a BALLET FLAT from my DIY silicone mold with LET'S RESIN brand resin and silicone! Perhaps even breaking some sort of record! I love Let's Resin brand products, they're easy to work with, and the best quality that I've experienced to date!

Billie M.

First time using your resin and it was well worth it shopping online. Less bubbles and easier to use than what was at my local craft store. I feel Lets Resin was a game changer for me. I love this product.

Rose B.

This is the only resin I use. Hardly any bubbles and never a problem with curing. No odor. It’s great!!