Tier Perks


It is free to join?

Yes! Create an account and you’re ready to start earning points! There are no fees to remaining a member.

How do I sign up?

Good news! If you’re a current customer with an account, you’re already a member! Simply log into your account and view what points you’ve already started to collect!

If you are new to Letsresin, or never made an account before, click the Rewards icon in the bottom left of the window. Click on one of the yellow “Join now” button. Fill out your name and email, and then click create!

How do I check my points?

Log into the site and then click the Rewards icon in the bottom left of the window. A panel will appear that tells you your current points.

How do I use / spend my points?

Rewards are given when you’ve collected a certain number of points. Your first reward is at 100 points and is a discount of $5. This discount will appear when you check out under coupon codes. They will only be usable once, but you keep collecting toward your next reward!

Will my rewards expire?

Yes. All customer points will be reset if they don't earn or redeem points in the past 1 year.

How can I refer my friend?
  • Give your friends 10% off their first order and get 10% for each successful referral. You can share your referrals directly from the Rewards Panel via Facebook, Twitter, and Email.