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Clear UV Resin (Hard Type 2.0) - 2kg

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    • Faster Curing: UV resin beats AB epoxy resin with its quick curing time and no mixing. We are dedicated to professionally researching and developing high-quality UV epoxy resin, promising rapid, effective curing using UV or UV light in minutes, leaving a non-sticky resin finish.
    • Cost-effective Bulk Option: Our 2000g UV resin bulk offers great value. It's 20 times the capacity for quarter the price of 100g small bottles, Effortlessly apply 2000g UV resin kit with 8 convenient 250ml bottles. Skip the cup pouring – use directly for enhanced efficiency, doubling productivity, and ensurin biggest cost-effectivenes.
    • Low Odor & Yellowing Resistance: Our UV resin bulk surpasses others with enhanced anti-yellowing properties, ensuring a crystal-clear, long-lasting surface. We prioritize safe, low-odor, green materials for a tranquil and comfortable creative workspace.
    • Low Shrinkage & High Hardness: LET'S RESIN UV resin clear exhibits less than 2% shrinkage, ensuring post-cure dimensional stability and flawless resin products. Achieving an 85D hardness level, it offers robust stability, scratch resistance, and stain repellency for vibrant, lasting colors.
    • Fast Flow & Low Viscosity: In contrast to other UV resin, our 2000g UV epoxy resin hard boasts a low viscosity of 2000cps, ensuring rapid flow. Ideal for batch creation of crafting intricate molds, fine detailing, enhancing small jewelry molds, or achieving a matte finish.
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    Clear UV Resin (Hard Type 2.0) - 2kg
    Clear UV Resin (Hard Type 2.0) - 2kg
    Clear UV Resin (Hard Type 2.0) - 2kg
    Clear UV Resin (Hard Type 2.0) - 2kg
    Clear UV Resin (Hard Type 2.0) - 2kg
    Clear UV Resin (Hard Type 2.0) - 2kg
    Clear UV Resin (Hard Type 2.0) - 2kg

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    J R. (US)
    Happy camper

    Works like a charm!

    Ora M.

    I am still a work in progress. I enjoy this already mixed product. The almost instant product results. The shiny finish. I keep buying it over and over again. This purchase was a good price for the amount of product received. I'm no pro, yet, I would like to see more tutorials for those of us just starting out. You have beautiful molds, when you are new it's hard to figure some stuff out and a demo will help. Please and thank you.

    What Artists Think

    • @mrscraftyaf
      This is the first time I have ventured into using UV Resin, I LOVE IT!! I am so glad I started out with this product!

    • @Dora Rae
      I fell in love with it the first time I used it, and I think I will continue to use this UV Resin.

    • @jens.paint.and.pour
      I use it for a lot of jewelrvprojects. It cures fast.

    • @maisedesignsdice
      LET'S RESIN UV resin helps me make many beautiful projects.

    • @hallie_leigh
      I have used manyprands and this is the best I've ever used!

    • @jotzdesigns
      Perfect resin for complete newbie! No mixing or fuss. Also,it is almost completely odorless.

    For Jewelry

    Make earrings, pendants, keychains, hairpins and so on.

    For Art

    Use different colored UV resin as pigments to color the painting.

    For Decors

    Seal collages, embed items, cast shapes in molds...


    • Crystal Clear

    • Fast Curing

    • Yellow Resistance

    • Low Odor

    Craft Tips

    • Curing tools & time

    • Why is UV resin not drying?

    • Get rid of bubbles in UV resin