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3 Colors UV Resin Kit with Light&Silicone Mat

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    • More Efficient UV Resin Set: We've carefully selected this UV light to enhance your workflow compared to many others. Its higher power ensures quicker curing times, saving you valuable time. Plus, we offer budget-friendly UV resin kits for craft enthusiasts. Each kit includes three 50g bottles (in blue, green, and purple) of transparent UV resin. No need to purchase extra resin, making it perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike.
    • Odor Control & Yellowing Resistance: After extensive testing and refinement, LET's RESIN presents an upgraded UV resin crafted from high-quality materials. By incorporating active diluents, we've reduced the release of volatile organic compounds, resulting in a resin with minimal odor. Moreover, the addition of premium antioxidants ensures that our resin remains transparent and highly resistant to yellowing when compared to other UV epoxy resins.
    • High Viscosity: Our UV resin kit boasts a carefully tailored formula and an optimal photoinitiator ratio, guaranteeing impeccable curing results. With a viscosity rating of 2000cps, it effortlessly bonds various materials, such as glass decorations and crystal crafts. You can even use it for creating 3D paintings and achieving captivating bubble textures on tumbler cups. Resin UV opens up boundless creative opportunities, enabling you to produce stunning and captivating artworks.
    • Versatile and Crystal Clear: Boasting a refractive index over 1.5 times higher, our resin suits any transparent material, resulting in a crystal-clear finish. It can also be mixed with mica powder, colorants, glitter, and sequins to create an array of dazzling colors. Let your imagination run wild as you craft pendants, keychains, necklaces, ashtrays, earrings, and more with ease.
    • Why Choose Us: With years of experience in epoxy resin, LET'S RESIN is committed to providing craft enthusiasts with tools and materials to turn imagination into reality. Strictly control product quality and attach great importance to the consumer experience. Please read the manual carefully before use. If you have any problems, please contact us. We will do our best to solve it for you to ensure your shopping experience.
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    3 Colors UV Resin Kit with Light&Silicone Mat
    3 Colors UV Resin Kit with Light&Silicone Mat
    3 Colors UV Resin Kit with Light&Silicone Mat
    3 Colors UV Resin Kit with Light&Silicone Mat
    3 Colors UV Resin Kit with Light&Silicone Mat
    3 Colors UV Resin Kit with Light&Silicone Mat
    3 Colors UV Resin Kit with Light&Silicone Mat

    What Artists Think

    • @mrscraftyaf
      This is the first time I have ventured into using UV Resin, I LOVE IT!! I am so glad I started out with this product!

    • @Dora Rae
      I fell in love with it the first time I used it, and I think I will continue to use this UV Resin.

    • @jens.paint.and.pour
      I use it for a lot of jewelrvprojects. It cures fast.

    • @maisedesignsdice
      LET'S RESIN UV resin helps me make many beautiful projects.

    • @hallie_leigh
      I have used manyprands and this is the best I've ever used!

    • @jotzdesigns
      Perfect resin for complete newbie! No mixing or fuss. Also,it is almost completely odorless.

    For Jewelry

    Make earrings, pendants, keychains, hairpins and so on.

    For Art

    Use different colored UV resin as pigments to color the painting.

    For Decors

    Seal collages, embed items, cast shapes in molds...


    • Crystal Clear

    • Fast Curing

    • Yellow Resistance

    • Low Odor

    Craft Tips

    • Curing tools & time

    • Why is UV resin not drying?

    • Get rid of bubbles in UV resin