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30A Silicone Mold Making Kit (Blue) - 70.5oz/2kg

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    • 【70.5OZ ALL IN ONE MOLD MAKING KIT】: LETS RESIN silicone mold making kit comes with 2 bottles of liqiuid silicone rubber, each bottle containing 1kg/2.2 lbs, as well as 6pcs x different size plastic mold housing; 4 pcs x 8oz plastic mixing cups; 4pcs x wooden mixing sticks; 2 pairs x disposable protective gloves; a perfect silicone mold kit for beginners to try, satisfying your various needs.
    • 【FLEXIBLE & STRONG SILICONE RUBBER】: Platinum cure silicone also called addition cure silicone, is a very safe silicone material, non-toxic and odorless; the silicone molds finished with LET'S RESIN 30A molding silicone has higher tear strength & good heat resistance, not easily break and withstand rough operation, which can be used up to 500~1000 times, great for making a flat mold or two-part block molds, able to capture the details perfectly.
    • 【EASY MIXING & FAST CURING】: You can easily see whether part A and part B are mixed evenly thanks to the bicolor appearance; The mix ratio is 1:1 by weight. Just pour the equal Part A and Part B together, then stir the mixed silicone for 3 minutes; the working time is within 30 minutes and the cure time is 3~ 6 hours at room temperature. The final curing time varies on the size and thickness of your mold and the curing temperature; heat cure will also shorten the curing time.
    • 【SELF-DEGASSING & NO BUBBLES】: Very low viscosity for easy mixing and pouring. No vacuum machine is necessary! The bubbles of liquid silicone for mold making will automatically disappear within 2 hours at room temperature due to its low viscosity feature. Bubbles tend to occur in hot temperatures. To reduce all micro-bubbles, you can seal and store the mixed silicone mixture in the refrigerator for 1 hour while curing, then continues to cure at room temperature.
    • 【WIDE RANGE OF USE 】: LET'S RESIN high-performance mold making silicone rubber is very ideal for art-related applications, producing molds for multiple castings of virtually any object you want! You can then use these molds to cast crafts out of materials like epoxy resin, concrete, wax, soaps, and more! Common projects include homemade dice, decorations, coasters, cosplay props, jewelry, candles, custom soaps, and beyond! and making molds of architectural details, statues, and figurines!
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    30A Silicone Mold Making Kit (Blue) - 70.5oz/2kg
    30A Silicone Mold Making Kit (Blue) - 70.5oz/2kg
    30A Silicone Mold Making Kit (Blue) - 70.5oz/2kg
    30A Silicone Mold Making Kit (Blue) - 70.5oz/2kg
    30A Silicone Mold Making Kit (Blue) - 70.5oz/2kg
    30A Silicone Mold Making Kit (Blue) - 70.5oz/2kg
    30A Silicone Mold Making Kit (Blue) - 70.5oz/2kg

    Multi-Purpose Use

    • Resin Molds

    • Concrete Molds

    • Candle Molds

    • Plaster Molds

    • Soap Molds

    • Polymer Clay Molds

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