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Thermochromic Pigment Powder

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  • TEMPERATURE ACTIVATED: When heat is applied to thermochromic microcapsule, the substance structure inside the microcapsule changes and consequently it's color disappears. When colling down, the internal substances structure of the microcapsule returns to its original structure and color. This thermochromic pigment powder changes at 88°F from 1st color to 2nd color; while it's cool down, the craft shifts to it's original color.
  • NON-TOXIC: This colorship powder is safe for direct skin contact and uses no harsh chemicals(but not intended for consumption).
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL ART WORKS: This heat-sensitive color changing powder is suitable for a large selection of General Arts & Crafts Projects including: Nail Polish, Slime, Secret Message, Resin/Epoxy, Paintings, Jewelry Making, Heat-sensitive Mugs, Wax or Mood Ring etc.
  • EASY TO USE: Mix the thermochromic pigment powder with a clear base. It's recommened to add a small amount of powder at the begining then add more gradually until the desired color is achieved. Please note that mixing generates heat as well which may currently change the color of the mixture, and be patience with the procedure.
  • COLOR INCLUDED: 5 colors are included in this thermochromic pigment powder pack: Orange to Yellow, Dark Green to Lime, Purple to Pink, Cyan to Greenyellow and Violet to Blue.
  • RECOMMENDED CONCENCTRATIONS: For solvent/water based ink/paint: 3~30% w/w(25%); for plastics injection/extrusion: 0.2%~1% w/w(0.5%)

Over heating(179°F+) would cause permanent damage to this thermochromic powder, so please using it under the right temperature. The temperature changing range makes it perfect for changing color when touched. This thermochromic powder is ultra-fine with vibrant colors, meaning it's great for mixing and disolving into a variety of media, including paint, glue, nail polish, slime, etc.

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