Know More About Epoxy Resin

I. Features

  • Super Clear Casting Epoxy Resin: Mold Friendly; No Odor, No VOCs; Self-Leveling; Bubble Free
  • Mixing ratio: 1:1 by volume
  • Work time: 40~50 minutes
  • Working temperature: 75~85°F
  • Demold time: 8~24 hours (Depending on the size of your project)
  • Fully cure time: 2~3 days
  • Heat resistance of the cured project: about 160°F, suitable for coasters
  • Max of a single pour: no more than 200ml recommended

II. Safety Precautions

  1. Please wear impervious gloves(like butyl or nitrile rubber) and goggles.
  2. Avoid direct contact with the uncured products, which may cause eye, skin and respiratory imitation and allergy.
  3. In case of skin contact, wipe it off with alcohol or hand sanitizer, then wash it with soapy water.
  4. In case of eye contact, rinse with running water immediately for 15 minutes or so. Then call a doctor if necessary.
  5. Please keep the uncured product out of the reach of children and do not store it with food.


  1. Conforms to ASTM D-4236
  2. May cause skin / eye irritation or allergic skin reaction.
  3. Keep out of reach of children
  4. Wear protective gloves and tightly sealed goggles
  5. Work in a well-ventilated space

III. Casting Instructions & Tips to Avoid Sticky/Bendy Resin

  1. Make sure the measurement is accurate. The mixing ratio is 1:1 by volume. A measuring cup is recommended.
  2. Mix the resin properly. Please stir it slowly for at least 3 minutes until no swirls are seen, Make sure to scrape the cup to stir thoroughly.
  3. Do not work in cold temperatures, which will cause the products difficult to work with and prevent the resin from curing properly.
  4. Do not add too much liquid colorants. Never add more than 6% of the total volume of the mixed resin.
  5. Do not work in mass. The more the 2 parts you mix, the more heat they will release. Therefore it may cause a flash cure, which means the resin will cure in a few minutes and you cannot work with it then.
  6. For casting molds, please do not pour over 200ml at a time, it may cause a flash cure. And do not cast for less than 3mm, it may not cure properly. 7, Do not use any water-based colorants and additives in the resin.
  7. We recommend to pour in multiple layers for deep or large molds, waiting 3~5 hours in between each pour.
  8. Thin layers and small molds may take longer to cure, extend the curing time for 1 or 2 more days if necessary.

IV. Tips to Reduce Bubbles & Demold

  1. Warm the bottles before mixing. A water bath is recommended.
  2. Stir the mixture slowly.
  3. Let the resin sit for 5 minutes before pouring.
  4. Pour your resin slowly and close to your project.
  5. If you want to put dry flowers or other subjects in the resin, dip them into the well-mixed resin or brush a layer of resin before putting them into the mold.

V. Tips for Cold Weather

If you receive cloudy epoxy resin, please don't worry. It is caused by the cold temperature. It usually takes 8-24 hours to cure in summer and longer in winter.

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VI. How to Keep Clean

1. Preparations before working with resin

Resin is sticky, always remember to wear gloves and an apron to keep your hands and clothes clean. Protect your work surface with a vinyl/ plastic sheet to prevent unwanted resin drips.

2. Clean up your tools

We recommend silicone tools to work with resin, disposable plastic tools would also be fine.

  1. Use a paper towel to wipe the tools before the resin cures.
  2. Then spray alcohol on the tools and wipe with a dry paper towel, repeat this step until your tools are clean.
  3. Wash the tools with soapy water and let them dry before using them again.(4) For silicone tools, you may leave them on the vinyl sheet or silicone mat to cure. Then peel off the resin the next day.

3. Clean up your hands

Always wear gloves while working with resin. If you get resin on your hand, wash it immediately to prevent any skin iritations. Use hand cleaner or hand sanitizer to wash and rinse under water.


Q1: Why is my resin still sticky after 24 hours?

A: That's probably caused by a wrong ratio.

Please make sure you measure part A and B by volume not by weight. And the mixing ratio is 1:1, equal amount of each part, adding too much or too less of either part may cause the stickiness.Pour both parts in the same measuring cup.

Q2: Why is my resin still bendy after 24 hours?

A: It might be a wrong ratio, please refer to Q1.

If it is the correct mixing ratio, just extend the curing time for a few more days. The weather, the size of your project, the amount of additives you put, any of them may affect the actual curing time.

Q3: Can I leave the finished product under the sun for a long time?

A: Not recommend.

The long -time exposure to sunlight will accelerate the yellowing and shorten the product lifetime.

Q4: Are they safe for any skin contact?

A: Always wear the proper protective gloves and goggles while working with resin.

Q5: Why does my part A and B not end up the same amount?

A: Please make sure to measure them 1:1 by volume accurately.

If you pour the resin down from the inside of the mixing cup, especially if you pour part A first, please wait a few minutes to let it run down. Then you can pour part B.

Q6: What can I do if the project is already sticky?

A: Please make sure you've waited long enough for the resin project to fully cure. Because the actual curing time depends on many factors, just extend the curing time if necessary. If it is still sticky after several days, please follow the steps below:

  1. Try to scrape off or sand the uncured resin as best as you can.
  2. Then pour a new layer of resin.
  3. Make sure to cure the resin piece at a proper room temperature(75~85PF)

* We hope you feel inspired to create resin crafts of your own! Please leave any questions or comments below.


Let's Resin
Let's Resin

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