Large 3D Skull Decorations

How to Create a Large Skull

Make these spooky cute skull decoration for your Halloween tree this year! With intense chameleon powder, this ornament is sure to create a horrifying atmosphere to your Halloween display! This DIY craft is easy & fun to do! Have fun making skull decoration or other spooky ornaments!

You'll Also Need

Super glue

Step 1

Brush the large skull mold with Intense Chameleon Mica Powder in every corner.

Step 2

Pour a certain amount of part A and Part B in to silicone cup. Mixing by volume with 1:1 ratio.

Step 3

Use black mica pigment powder to color the resin.

Step 4

Pour black colored resin into the mold. Let the first layer sit for 6-8 hours, then pour another layer. Repeat the steps of pouring blacked colored resin until the mold is filled.

Step 5

After it get cured, stick some rhinestones with super glue.

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