How to Make Jewelry Pendants

Resin jewelry has been popular all the time. We’ve seen so many beautiful pieces made by resin with stickers, dried flowers, frames, and glitters. It’s a perfect choice for someone new to UV resin or sending it out as a gift.

  ⭐ Beginner

  ⏳ About 1 day

Additional materials:

    • A wooden stick

How to make

Step 1

Pour a thin layer of UV resin as the base, cure it with UV light for 1 min.

Step 2

Add stickers in the size order, from big to small.

Step 3

Pour the UV resin on every sticker, which will make the design more three-dimensional and layered.

Step 4

Cure every UV resin layer for 30-60s, you'll gonna need a longer time if you're using UV lights with smaller wattages.

Step 5

Except sticker, you can also use other material like dried flower, pearls, small gravel or any other material you like.


For a smaller pendant, you can seal the appearance with multiple layers of UV resin, the surface will come out with a beautiful curved, and the work will have a more sense of three-dimensional.

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