How to Choose the UV Resin You Want Ⅰ

Hi everyone! We will introduce different types of UV resin in our store. Today, we introduced the low and high viscosity. We will differentiate between these two types of UV resin in the following ways. They are curing time, hardness, fluidity, thickness, usage and bubble.

  ⭐ Beginner

Video Tutorial

1. Hard Type (Timeline: 0:03-0:29)

①Low Viscosity

②High Viscosity

2. Fluidity (Timeline: 0:36-0:54)

3. Curing Time (Timeline: 0:55-1:24)

4. Hardness (Timeline: 1:25-1:36)

5. Thickness (Timeline: 1:37-1:58)

6. Bubble (Timeline: 1:59-2:16)

7. Usage (Timeline: 2:17-3:41)

①High Viscosity

②Low Viscosity

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