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Dried Flower Resin Crafts for Mom

Dried Flower Resin Crafts for Mom

Wow your Mom this year with beautiful dried flower resin crafts on Mother's Day. They fill a home with color and scents that remind everyone the beauty that the earth creates and the love for the person who has received them.

There are some options for this dried flower resin project!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1. Large Hexagon

Preserving flowers in resin is an artful way to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake as well as to design a custom piece of functional home decoration.

2. Bookends

Books or movies, magazines, and vinyl records can be vertically organized. Keep the rack and bookcase tidy.

3. Large Sphere

Match with Wooden Lighted Base Stand to make beautiful crystal lamp balls.

4. Large Heart

Let her feel your love with this resin heart craft.

5. Large Square

Like the large hexagon, it also allows flowers to show their beauty forever.

6. Large Crystal Tower

Can be used as healing crystals, resin paperweight, table decors, home decors, botanical decors and perfect gift.

7. Large Letter

The Letter can stand for the name of someone, or unique meaning.

8. Huge Gem

Every mom’s a gem, and our’s the most precious for us.

Craft a resin gift that’s all about your mom! She'll love that you thought of her this year and remembered to send her a gift to thank her for all that she has done for you.

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* We hope you feel inspired to create resin crafts of your own! Please leave any questions or comments below.

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