LET'S RESIN X Daniel Cooper


My name is Daniel and I have been creating resin art for 18 months and I also teach via my YouTube channel.

I have been using Let's Resin Products pretty much from the beginning of my adventure and it is an honour to work alongside the company on this collaboration.

I find Let's Resin products work best for my petri effects, the collaboration resin alongside their alcohol inks result in great petri art with spectacular results every time.

I am still learning Resin Art and I am constantly pushing myself to learn new techniques and to share them with step by step tutorials helping others to also create beautiful art.

You will find a tutorial numbered #35 on my YouTube channel with a step by step guide on how to use the collaboration resin alongside the Let's Resin Alcohol Inks.

Have fun creating!

* We hope you feel inspired to create resin crafts of your own! Please leave any questions or comments below.

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