How to Make a Project with the Effect of Water Splashing

Hi guys! Today we will use UV resin to make a project with the effect of water splashing. Hope you like this idea. Now let's get started.

  ⭐ Beginner

  ⏳ About 1 day

Additional materials:

    • 2mil PVC
    • Scissor

How to make

Step 1

Take out the resin tape, place half of the tape stick on the cylindrical glassware. This step will make it easier for us to remove the finished product later. Apply UV resin around the tape to make it a circle. We use double-sided UV light to cure it to enhance efficiency. Apply another UV resin circle around the tape again.

Step 2

Pour a small amount of UV resin into the small mixing cup. Drip 3 drops of Sapphire Blue alcohol ink into it. Mix it evenly. Apply the blue UV resin onto the circle we just made. Let it cure under the double-sided UV light. Repeat the same step until the whole circle is coated. Check out the finished effect, and then remove the circle from the tape.

Step 3

Now take out a 2mil PVC sheet.Mmagic trick! Shake it and turn it into a triangle shape. Peel off the plastic film on the surface and you will get a sticky PVC sheet. Then take out the circle and stick the triangular PVC pieces on it one after another like this. Apply some UV resin to fix the bottom part of the PVC triangles.

Step 4

Slightly bend them to a certain extent, then apply UV resin and let it cure to fix the shape. In this way, we got the preliminary shape of water splashing. Now let's make some detailed water drops. Apply a small amount of UV resin on the tip of the PVC triangle and wait for the resin to drip down. Use a UV flashlight to cure it, so that you can get the effect of water drops.

Step 5

Now we also apply UV resin on the back of the PVC sheet, so that it can be hidden and make the water splash look more realistic. Use the same method to make small water splashes. Apply a small amount of UV resin and let it cure quickly as soon as it drips.

Step 6

To make a bigger water splash, we apply UV resin on the stirring stick and let it cure when it drips, and you will get a water drop. Cut it out and use UV resin to fix it.

Doesn’t it look like the moment when water splashes? If you have any other good ideas or suggetions, feel free to share in the comments.

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