How to Create Easy Earrings with UV Resin

Today, we're going to break down the steps for making earrings in detail. It's super simple and results in some gorgeous earrings. Come join us and give it a shot!

  ⭐ Beginner

  ⏳ Within 2 hours

Additional materials:

    • Wooden sticks
    • Bezel pendants
    • Earring hooks
    • Jump rings

How to make

Step 1

Use two wood sticks to fix the tape on both sides so that it can be easily fixed on the table without warping. Place the earring metal frame on the tape and press the edges tightly to fix them.

Step 2

Apply a thin layer of UV resin into the frame, pay attention not to add too much at one time. Use something with a sharp tip to make the UV resin even and fulfill each corner. Apply the dried flowers on the UV resin. You can cut the flowers into parts if they are too big so they can be placed in the frame. Pour another thin layer of UV resin on the dried flowers.

Step 3

Turn on the UV light and let it cover whole earring pieces. You can choose a large lamp to cure the earrings at one time to improve efficiency. Our round UV light is a good choice! This lamp is a long-lasting UV light with options of 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes. It can dry the pieces at once without having to press the button repeatedly. The earrings will be set in 2 minutes. Remember to turn them over and light them again.

Step 4

Peel the earrings from the tape. It will be a little sticky if the UV resin is not dried. Please make sure they are cured under light for sufficient time. The cordless drill has 3 gears and can be adjusted to different speeds. Use the cordless drill to drill holes on the UV resin earring pieces.

Step 5

Put on the earring hooks and clamp them with pliers, be careful not to pinch your hands.

Finally the earrings are finished. Is it easy? It would be great to use them to match our clothes. Also, you can send them to your friends.They're gonna love it!

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