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Together we can create an amazing
resin craft online platform.

We are a group of handmade lovers who are enthusiastic about epoxy resin crafts.

Meanwhile, we take open and cooperation as our business direction, We are willing  to share our resources with our partners, including 3D design, production, marketing and so on. We want to work with you to explore and build a win-win business model.

We desired to work with you together to achieve our vision: Building an open platform with more amazing resin ideas for global resin lovers.

If you are a resin molds designer:

If you have an original design, you can cooperate with us through:

     1. Authorized production.
        Authorize us to produce your original design, authorizing method can be negotiated.

    2. Commissioned production.
        You can entrust your resin molds production to us, and we are responsible for the production of injection silicone molds.

    3. Other.
       If you have any other cooperation ideas, contact us and we can have a deeper discussion.

If you are a resin craft seller:

1, We could promote your resin work through our official website & social media account.
2, If you already have resin supplies, we can sell your products through Sales Agency and Co-branding.

If you are a craft social media influencer:

1, we can work together to promote each other.
2, Pay to make marketing content for us.
3, If you have an amazing resin project idea, we can work together to promote it.

Or if you are ….

We are open to any other ways of cooperation, contact us.

What we can provide?

Development & Production Capabilities of Resin supplies.

Involving resin molds, inks, resin tools, resin accessories, etc.

Resin Molds Design and Produce

Even you just provide mold sketches, we can do the following work for you, including 3D modeling, steel mold design, silicone mold production

Systematic Sales Channels.

we have sales platforms and sales partners in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries.

Contact us