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Stickers Kit - Ocean Creature, Mushroom, Insect Stickers

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Style: Ocean Creature
  • Ocean Stickers: Marine animal stickers are packaged in a uniquely designed envelope by LET'S RESIN. Includes 12 resin art supplies kits (92 Pcs), 6 sheets PVC material, 4 sheets holographic material, and 2 sheets double-sided pearlescent cardboard. There are jellyfish, sea turtles, seaweeds, starfish, seals, whales, and other marine creatures of various sizes and colors, which are very suitable for adults and children.
  • Beautifully Packaged: The mushroom stickers are packaged in envelopes uniquely designed by LET'S RESIN. Including 9 resin art supplies kits, 7 sheets PVC materials, 2 sheets holographic materials. There are different sizes of colorful single mushrooms and mushroom clusters, It can meet your different DIY needs.
  • Insect Sticker Kits: Insect stickers are packaged in a uniquely designed envelope by LET'S RESIN. Including 15 sheets of resin art supplies kits (176 Pcs), 10 sheets of colorful stickers, 4 sheets of holographic stickers, and 1 sheet of black stickers. There are realistic insects of various sizes and colors such as cicada, honeybee, spiders, bumblebee, wreaths, beetles, etc., which are very suitable for adults and children.
  • Collaboration with GeaCreations: LET'S RESIN Tarot stickers are originally designed by "GeaCreations". Tarot cards are inspired by the hope to bring something that can please lovers of the esoteric world. There are two materials of gold foil and holographic. The gold foil resin sticker has two sizes of 4.33x2.36 inch and 1.57x0.9inch, and the laser sticker is 4.33x2.36 inch. Each type has 22 different mystery tarot cards stickers to choose from for different resin crafts, which are very suitable for your different DIY needs.


  • The Best Choice for DIY: Transparent stickers are made of PVC. Safe, durable, non-toxic, not easy to fade. Easy to tear, easy to cut, strong stickiness, waterproof. The holographic sticker is designed with a laser. When you look at it under different light, it will appear in different colors, which is very shiny. Let your handicrafts be the most shining and specia! Double-sided pearlescent cardboard can make your work perfectly displayed in 3D resin molds.
  • Vivid and Cute Stickers: We add designs to real marine creatures to make them more lively and cute, making handicrafts as if they are in the ocean, showing the charm and vitality of the ocean. Our resin stickers are rich in many kinds of marine life, so you can easily make an underwater world.Three kinds of stickers are available to meet your different needs in DIY and give you more room for creation.
  • Easy to Use: You can directly tear off the stickers and fill in calendars, diaries, scrapbooks, phone cases, computers, water bottles, laptops, etc. The transparent stickers can also be used as bathroom, wall, and glass decorations to make your room colorful, or you can cut it directly into resin In the mold, mix paint and glitter to make a beautiful gift. DIY with your kids, friends, and partners and enjoy the fun of leisure time.
  • Quality Assurance: We attach great importance to consumer experience and will continue to update and optimize products. If you encounter any problems with LET'S RESIN products, please contact us in time. We will provide good services to ensure your shopping experience.


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