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Opaque Liquid Resin Pigment - 18 colors/Each 0.35oz

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    • ✿Solid Color Epoxy Resin Pigment: Total 18 beautiful solid colors opaque liquid epoxy pigment with bottled package, each resin colorant 0.35oz, non-toxic and odorless. The finished resin crafts will have a macaron color texture!
    • ✿Excellent Choice for Resin Projects: The resin dye mix well into resin, and a little drop can go a long way! Can also mix with another epoxy colorant to achieve the desired color.
    • ✿Easy To Use: It's quite easy to squeeze the epoxy resin pigment out of the bottle with specially designed nozzle, transparent and soft bottles you can control the amount easily.
    • ✿Wide Application: These resin pigments can be widely used on resin jewelry and crafts decorations, jewelry making, garment accessories, or other DIY making.
    • ✿NOTE: Liquid resin dye will get best color effect mixed with EPOXY RESIN. Just mix them well and wait it cured, no catalyst needed. If using UV resin or other material which don't belong to epoxy resin, the color effect won't last long and faded finally.

    Details: This is a set of 18 opaque colors non-toxic liquid epoxy resin pigment dye ideal for DIY jewelry making, decoration crafts, resin mold, casting and other DIY projects.
    You can mix it with other colors epoxy pigment to achieve the desired color.

    18 Solid Colors:
    #1. Ginger Yellow
    #2. Light Blue
    #3. Pink
    #4. Orange
    #5. Blue
    #6. Violet
    #7. Yellow
    #8. Apple Green
    #9. Fluorescence Yellow
    #10. Light Purple
    #11. White
    #12. Watermelon Red
    #13. Red
    #14. Purple
    #15. Light Green
    #16. Green
    #17. Grey
    #18. Black

    Type: epoxy resin dye
    Quantity: 18 bottles
    Weight: 0.35oz/bottle/color
    Volume: 10ml

    Package Included:
    18 x epoxy resin pigment

    1) Shake up the epoxy pigment bottle before use and avoid direct sunlight and dusty environment
    2) Do not drink it and keep away from children
    3) Please wear gloves and protective clothing before using to avoid direct skin contact and maintain indoor ventilation
    4) If you got skin contact please wash with waters immediately and if you feel discomfort please go to the hospital ASAP.
    5) Please keep the epoxy resin pigment bottles sealed to avoid it lose efficacy.

    Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.9 x 2.9 inches

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    Opaque Liquid Resin Pigment - 18 colors/Each 0.35oz
    Opaque Liquid Resin Pigment - 18 colors/Each 0.35oz
    Opaque Liquid Resin Pigment - 18 colors/Each 0.35oz
    Opaque Liquid Resin Pigment - 18 colors/Each 0.35oz
    Opaque Liquid Resin Pigment - 18 colors/Each 0.35oz
    Opaque Liquid Resin Pigment - 18 colors/Each 0.35oz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Carolyn S.

    I haven't used it yet. Been reconfiguring my craft room for resin!!!

    Catherine C.

    These resin dyes are very good and work well with resin. The colors dry like the look in the bottle. I’m happy with mine.

    Maggie S.

    Nice soft colors. Get a nice contrast compared to the inks