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Resin Volcano Night Lamp Resin Starter Kit for Beginners

【Resin Starter Kit for Beginners】:LET'S RESIN UV resin kits include 100g hard crystal clear resin,6-color UV colors pigment,36W light,silicone cup,three-purpose silicone tool,two-headed silicone spoon and silicone stick. It's the perfect resin kit for beginners. 【Quick-curing UV Light & Resin Tools】: UV resin lamp can help you speed up the curing of resin and shorten the production time. There are three timing functions that can be adjusted according to the works you make. The three-purpose silicone resin tool can be used for mixing resin, poke foam, stir and scrape resin,It is convenient for your DIY.

Step 1

Make the base of the Volcano with help of the Pyramid Mold. You start, by making the base layer of the pyramid with red color. When you get the final result it needs to look pretty realistic for a live volcano.

Step 2

After the resin is dried out, you apply a lair of clay, to make the realistic effect even more realistic. You will need to use acrylic paint, because it gives you the best effect on the final product.

Step 3

The clay needs a few hours to dry out. After that, you apply a see trough plastic around the LED lamp, so you can protect the resign from spilling until finished.

Step 4

You add the volcano into the cube that you’ve made earlier, and you can decorate it with some rocks before adding the resign so it can capture a better nature of the volcano.

Step 5

The smoke for the volcano it’s made from hot glue. You make it by shaping it and sticking it on top of the volcano.

Step 6

Put the sandwich bag inside the drinking glass and fold over the edges. Fill it with the white resin.

Step 7

When everything is dried out, fully glued and prepared, you add the epoxy resin, and you let it dry.

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