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Resin Tutorial: Let’s Make Coasters!

Resin Tutorial: Let’s Make Coasters!

Let's resin is very low viscosity so it mixes really easily and has almost zero bubbles, even when mixing with a wood popsicle stick!! For anyone familiar with resin knows that popsicle sticks will make the max number of bubbles. There is no need to use any alcohol or heat when using this resin because there were no bubbles!
Thinner projects like the coasters we will be making took about two days to harden enough that I felt comfortable taking them out of the mold and not having any issues. Full cure time is about 7 days.
Let's get to work!

List of Supplies :

Shop Set for Your Creation :  

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Steps to Create A Christmas Pyramid Light:

Step 1

This is a 1:1 epoxy so you will pour equal amounts of part A and Part B into one of the large mixing cups and stir slowly for about 4-5 minutes, making sure to scrape the sides and the bottom as you go.
*This project did end up taking about 10oz of resin; the cup holds 8 so you'll have to mix twice if you are trying to make a coaster set as well.

Step 2

After mixing I poured the resin into 5 small mixing cups and added the chosen pigments/ glitter.
*Be sure to do well so you don’t end up with little dry pigment chunks in your project.

Step 3

Now you can slowly pour your resin into your mold/molds!
I did a bit of a funk pour, a random pour, but you can do one color in each mold. It's entirely up to you! That’s the best part of Art, you can make it your own! So have fun with it!

*Once you are done pouring, if you notice any bubbles, you can use a spritz of isopropyl alcohol or a heat gun (Do Not use a torch, it will significantly reduce the life of your molds and, in some cases, cause the mold to fuse to your resin. Sad face)

Step 4

Give it at least 24hours before you check it, or remove it. Removing your pieces too soon could cause them to be warped or stick to whatever surface you set them down on after removal.


Try different color combinations on resin ! Feel free to share with us (in the comments section of this article or on social media) so we can see how your pieces turned out.

Please leave any questions or comments below.



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